2nd Khalifa Umar Ibn Khattab (Al Faruk)

Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique during his last days he nominated Hazrat Umar ibn khattab as his successor. He was also very close to Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Pbuh). His sense of Justice and righteousness made him one of the best among the Shahaba’s (companion’s) of Prophet (pbuh). In many incidents during Prophet’s lifetime his Opinion was attested by Allah through revelations.

That’s why Prophet once said about him “If there is to be any Prophet after me (There is no Prophet after Prophet Mohammad (pbuh)), it would be Umar (ra).”

This man was an exemplary Ruler, Judge, Imam, Mujtahid, even after 1400 years of his departure he is still fresh in peoples heart for his dedication towards his subjects and Islam.

His life will teach you what is a Khalifa and how a Khalifa/Leader should maintain his country. What is a welfare State?? It was introduced by the Khalifatul Muslimin and Amirul Mu-minin Hazarat Umar ibn Khattab.

To learn about his life,his works you can read the book about him. Please click the link to download.



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