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3rd Khalifa Usman ibn Affan (Al Gani)

Hazrat Usman ibn Affan (ra) was the third khalifa tul Muslimin/ Amir ul Muminin. He was one of the most Generous person among the Shahaba’s (Companions of Prophet) that is why he was Titled (al gani) “The Rich”. He bought the land for Masjid Nawabi, water well in Madina and made it free for all, he donated the maximum amount of mountable camels during war and many more. He used his wealth for the sake of Islam without hesitation that is why he was titled “The rich” not only for… Read more 3rd Khalifa Usman ibn Affan (Al Gani)

2nd Khalifa Umar Ibn Khattab (Al Faruk)

Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique during his last days he nominated Hazrat Umar ibn khattab as his successor. He was also very close to Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Pbuh). His sense of Justice and righteousness made him one of the best among the Shahaba’s (companion’s) of Prophet (pbuh). In many incidents during Prophet’s lifetime his Opinion was attested by Allah through revelations. That’s why Prophet once said about him “If there is to be any Prophet after me (There is no Prophet after Prophet Mohammad (pbuh)), it would be Umar (ra).” This… Read more 2nd Khalifa Umar Ibn Khattab (Al Faruk)

1st Khalifa Abu Bakar As Siddique

After the passing of Prophet Mohammad (Pbuh), the Newly established Islamic Country needed a Leader and Who can possibly replace the prophet (pbuh)?? The one and only person who was the most closest to the prophet for all his life long journey of preaching Islam. He who helped him all the way with his life,wealth, family for the cause of Rasullulah (pbuh).   He was Hazrat Abu Bakar As Siddique, the 1st Kahlifa tul Muslimin (Caliph/Leader of The Muslims). His life is a life of struggle and sacrifice. His struggle… Read more 1st Khalifa Abu Bakar As Siddique

Life of Prophet Mohammad (Pbuh)

Prophet Mohammad (Pbuh) is listed the No. One person of 100 Most Influential persons in the world history. His whole life is a lesson for all human being. Not only Muslims praises him but all ethnic, religious people agree about his generosity, compassion, truthfulness, and greatness. Even U.S supreme court gave him the title of “Best Lawgiver in the World“   So learning his life is a blessing. Please study his life and be enlighten. Click to Download: Noble Life of The Prophet Detail Life of The Prophet… Read more Life of Prophet Mohammad (Pbuh)