3rd Khalifa Usman ibn Affan (Al Gani)

Hazrat Usman ibn Affan (ra) was the third khalifa tul Muslimin/ Amir ul Muminin.

He was one of the most Generous person among the Shahaba’s (Companions of Prophet) that is why he was Titled (al gani) “The Rich”. He bought the land for Masjid Nawabi, water well in Madina and made it free for all, he donated the maximum amount of mountable camels during war and many more. He used his wealth for the sake of Islam without hesitation that is why he was titled “The rich” not only for his wealth but also for his generosity.


His life is an excellent example for the people who has been blessed with wealth. May allah let us follow his Guided Ones.

To learn more about his life you can read the book. Click on the link below:



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