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Salah Ad-Din Ayyubid (R)

Salah Ad-Din Ayyubid (R) was a fierce warrior and ruler. But he was very gentle and Pious. His life is full of struggle and lesson. He was feared and honored for his contribution to the Muslim world. The Crusader’s feared him very much but they also honored him too. The west world always feared him, who defeated the Crusaders in many battles. He also defeated the Fatimid by tactical warfare. His life is full of lessons for al of us. That’s why i am sharing the book written on his… Read more Salah Ad-Din Ayyubid (R)

41th BCS Preparation (English)- Idioms and Phrases

Idioms and Phrases is a very important part of English language. It’s not only used in written or formal use, but also in day to day conversations. So to understand any conversations and instructions its really important to know some randomly used Idioms and Phrases. Its also important for different job exam, during study, for work with foreign peoples. So some important Idioms and Phrases are listed below: A Castle in the air – A day dream (অসম্ভব কল্পনা) A Dead letter – useless document A fair crack of the… Read more 41th BCS Preparation (English)- Idioms and Phrases

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