1st Khalifa Abu Bakar As Siddique

After the passing of Prophet Mohammad (Pbuh), the Newly established Islamic Country needed a Leader and Who can possibly replace the prophet (pbuh)??

The one and only person who was the most closest to the prophet for all his life long journey of preaching Islam. He who helped him all the way with his life,wealth, family for the cause of Rasullulah (pbuh).


He was Hazrat Abu Bakar As Siddique, the 1st Kahlifa tul Muslimin (Caliph/Leader of The Muslims). His life is a life of struggle and sacrifice. His struggle and sacrifice made the religion one of the most followed religion in the World.

His life is an example for the muslim’s. Trough learning his life we can enlighten our life and hereafter.

The link is given below:

Abu Bakr As-Siddeeq

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