English Words with “Q” to Enrich Your Vocabulary

Words starting with “Q”

Rich English vocabulary helps you write interesting sentences. It improves the impact of the writing on the readers. To score good in IELTS, GRE in writing rich vocabulary is must. So learn and practice more to get good grasp on English language. Hope you will find this post really helpful.

(40 Words with Meaning in English)

  1. quack  charlatan
  2. quadrennial  occurring every four years
  3. quadrille  square dance
  4. quadruped  four foot animal
  5. quaff  drink
  6. quagmire  difficult situation
  7. quail  shrink, cower
  8. quaint  old-fashioned, charming
  9. qualified  limited
  10. qualms   misgivings
  11. quandary  dilemma
  12. quantum  quantity, particle
  13. quarantine  detention, confinement
  14. quarry  prey, game
  15. quarter  residence, district
  16. quash  put down, suppress
  17. quasi  seeming, almost
  18. quaver  tremble
  19. quay  wharf
  20. queasy  squeamish
  21. queer  odd
  22. quell  suppress, allay
  23. quench   extinguish, slake
  24. querulous   complaining
  25. questionnaire   survey, feedback
  26. queue   line
  27. quibble  bicker
  28. quicken  revive, hasten
  29. quiddity  essence, an unimportant or trifling distinction
  30. quiescent   still, motionless
  31. quietus  a cessation of activity
  32. quill  feather, pen
  33. quip  joke
  34. quirk  eccentricity, a strange and unexpected turn of events
  35. quiver  tremble
  36. quixotic  impractical, romantic
  37. quizzical  odd, questioning
  38. quorum  the minimum number people who must be present to hold a meeting
  39. quota  a share or proportion
  40. quotidian  daily

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