English Words with “G” to Enrich Your Vocabulary

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Words starting with “G”

Rich English vocabulary helps you write interesting sentences. It improves the impact of the writing on the readers. To score good in IELTS, GRE in writing rich vocabulary is must. So learn and practice more to get good grasp on English language. Hope you will find this post really helpful.

(68 Words with Meaning in English)

  1. gaffe  embarrassing mistake
  2. gainful  profitable
  3. gainsay  contradict
  4. galvanize  excite to action
  5. gambit   plot, strategy
  6. gamut  range, scope
  7. gargantuan  large
  8. garner  gather
  9. garnish  decorate
  10. garrote  stranglehold
  11. garrulous  talkative
  12. gauche  awkward
  13. genealogy   ancestry
  14. generic  general
  15. genesis   beginning
  16. genetics  study of heredity
  17. genre  kind, category
  18. genteel  elegant, refined
  19. genuflect  kneel in reverence
  20. genuine  authentic, sincere
  21. geriatrics  pertaining to old age
  22. germane  relevant
  23. ghastly   horrible
  24. gibe  heckle
  25. gingivitis   inflammation of the gums
  26. gist  essence (of an argument)
  27. glabrous  without hair
  28. glaucoma  disorder of the eye
  29. glean  gather
  30. glib  insincere manner
  31. glower  stare angrily
  32. glut  surplus, excess
  33. glutton  one who eats too much
  34. gnarl  deform
  35. gnome  dwarf-like being
  36. goad  encourage, provoke
  37. googol  a very large number
  38. gorge  stuff, satiate
  39. gorgon  ugly person
  40. gormandize  eat voraciously
  41. gory  bloody
  42. gossamer  thin and flimsy
  43. Gothic  medieval style of architecture
  44. gouge  overcharge
  45. gracious  kindness, politeness
  46. gradient  incline, rising by degrees
  47. gradual  by degrees, changing slowly
  48. grandiose impressive, large
  49. granular  grainy
  50. grapple   struggle
  51. gratis   free
  52. gratitude  thankfulness
  53. gratuitous  unwarranted, uncalled for
  54. gratuity  tip
  55. gravamen  the essential part of an accusation
  56. gravity  seriousness
  57. gregarious   sociable
  58. grievous   tragic, heinous
  59. grimace  expression of disgust or pain
  60. grisly   gruesome
  61. grovel  crawl, obey, beg
  62. grudging   reluctant
  63. guffaw  laughter
  64. guile  deceit
  65. gullible  easily deceived
  66. gusto  great enjoyment
  67. guttural   throaty
  68. gyrate   whirl


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