"MjOLNIR" cell Phone Concept (Thor cellphone)

“Mjolnir” is the fictional object. It is the hammer which can travel to the person who is Worthy !! Basically “Thor” a Mythological and Fictional Character holds the Mjolnir.

Pic:1 Thor’s Hammer

In today’s world the Mobile Phone has become a part of our lives. Nowadays we cant even navigate, travel or communicate without it. Its very important to keep it close to us. So if we can merge the idea of Mjolnir into the mobile phone. wouldn’t it be nice?

Now Question is how?? There may be many different ways to achieve it.

  1. Using magnets in Phone and the tracker. This method may be used for shorter distances. It may require magnets in both mobile and the tracker.
Fig-1: Showing Basic Mechanism for My Dream Concept!!

2. Using GPS Tracking and flying Mechanism in Mobile: GPS tracking is now a days available in almost any mobile phone. And the GPS is also available in the Band/Smartwatch also. Only lacking is the mechanism for Mobile set to fly. How the Mobile Phones can fly?? This is the puzzle now. I think there are some solutions already available. We just need to incorporate those mechanism in the Mobile Phone.

Required things:

  • Sensor for sensing the obstacle in path.
  • sensor for scanning the surrounding environment.
  • algorithm to find the perfect flying path.
  • flying mechanism: It may be like Drone (blade or vanes for flying) or compressed air lift (using micro Compressors)

Fig-2: Sample Flying Mechanism

The name I suggest for this type of Phone “Mjolnir Cell”. I am expecting some suggestions about my concept. Please share your comment here thanks.

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