Islam And other Abrahemic religion comparison.

Introduction: Islam is the 2nd largest religion in the World and 1st in its growth rate. In the world around 1.9 billion people are Muslim (i.e followers of Islam). Islam is not just a religion its a life style where you can find all the necessary direction for you whole life. This is the main difference between all the religion and Islam. In Indonesia the Muslim population is about 220 Million, in Pakistan its 200 Million, in India its 195 million and Bangladesh its 150 Million. These countries are the mostly Muslim populated countries in the world.

Origin: The Origin of Islam is from the creation of mankind. According to Muslim faith the first Human was ADAM (Peace be upon him) and his wife EVE/Hawa ( Peace be upon her). As they were the first human Being and was Muslim and Rasul/1st Messenger or Khalifa/representative of Allah in the Earth. As the Time passes people of the earth lost their guidance from the Allah but Allah sent down many messengers to guide people to the right way (i.e Islam). After Adam, Noah (peace Be upon him) was a major Rasul (though many more have came in between them i.e Seth/seish, Edris /Enoch) he preach the guidance of Allah more than 950 years. After Noah’s Flood or the major Catastrophic event of earth human civilization was reset. Only the 83 people who followed Noah were survived the catastrophe. After Noah the Prophet Abraham/Ibrahim (peace be upon him) was then the most influential and major Rasul/messenger of allah (though many Nabi/Rasul has came in between). He also preached the same religion as Noah at the same time another messenger was present Prophet Lut (peace be upon him) who was his cousin. After Ibrahim (peace be upon him) from his lineage came Ishaq/Issac and Ishmail (peace be upon both of them). From Ishaq/Issac’s Lineage came lot of Prophet’s Yakub/Jacob, Yusuf/Joseph, Mosses, Harun/aron, David, Solomon, Ayub, Jakaria, Yahia/John The baptist and the last of them was Isha/Jesus (peace be upon him). The christian’s and Jews believe parts from here at the Isha/Jesus. Christians believe the Isha/Jesus was the foretold Messiah, Jews don’t recognize him as the Messiah. Similarly Muslim believe Mohammad (peace be upon Him) is the last messenger who came from the lineage of Ishmail (peace be upon him), but both Christians and Jew don’t recognizes him as the last prophet. So basically Muslims existed since the creation of Adam, where as the Jews parted from the Muslims when they denied the Jesus/Isha as a prophet but those who believed him was the muslim at that time. Similarly the Christians parted from the Muslim believe when they denied Mohammad (peace be upon him) as the last of Messengers/Rasul. This is the basic conceptual difference but the prior to the Isha/Jesus (peace be upon him) the believer’s were called Jew and mostly were member of Bani Israel (family of Israel/Yakub i.e Israel was Yakub’s title) after coming of Isha/Jesus the believer named themselves as the Christians/ followers of Christ/Messiah. But the Name Muslim was selected by Abrahm he named the religion of allah as Islam and followers to be called Muslim. That’s why he is called the father of Muslim nation.

Subject of matterIslamChristianityJudaism
Belief in One GodMandatory Mandatory Mandatory
Belief in God’s son/familyProhibited Mandatory
(belief’s Jesus/Isha as God’s Son)
(belief’s Uzair/Ezra as God’s Son)
Belief in ProphetsBelief in All prophets is mandatoryDoes not believe Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) as a Prophet Does not believe Prophet Jesus/Isha and Mohammad (PBUH) as a Prophet
Belief in All holy booksBelief in All holy books is mandatory Does not believe Quran as a Holy bookDoes not believe New testament/Injil and Quran as a Holy book
Belief in Angelsmandatory mandatory mandatory
Belief in existence of Jinnmandatory mandatory mandatory
Belief in existence of Heaven and Hellmandatory mandatory mandatory
Belief in Judgement Daymandatory mandatory mandatory
Alcohol, Gambling, Pork, Blood, Dead animal (except Fish), Animal Slaughtered in name of other than God almighty, interest on any transaction, Prohibited Prohibited (some items are not prohibited in some schools of thought) Prohibited
Adultery, murder, lying, stealing, acquiring others asset Prohibited Prohibited Prohibited
Prayer (5 times a day)Mandatory Not Mandatory Not Mandatory
Fasting Mandatory (1 month/year) Not Mandatory Mandatory
(in some occasions)
Charity Mandatory
(2.5% of yearly savings if it crosses certain limit)
Not Mandatory Mandatory
Pilgrimage Mandatory for those who have ability
(to Mecca)
Not Mandatory
(but they do visit Rome or holy lands/Palestine)
Not Mandatory
(but they do visit holy lands/ Palestine)
Pic: Mecca Place where Ishmail (pbuh) was raised up. Most holy place and Qibla for Muslims all over the world.
Pic: Resting place of Mohammad (pbuh) and the second most holy place for muslims. Medina the city of Nabi (Pbuh) and the Capital of 1st Muslim Empire
Pic: Masjidul Aqsa or the Temple mount the 3rd most holiest palce for Muslims and Most holiest place for both Jews and Christians. The capital of the Empire of David (pbuh) and Solomon (pbuh)

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