Hello everyone,

My name is Abdullah Al Mamun. I am a Mechanical Engineer from KUET. I have created this website to suggest how to prepare for BCS written and Preliminary exam. I have participated in 34th preliminary exam but failed to get selected for the written, but in 35th BCS the NEW syllabus has been activated and everyone was not ready and got some surprise in both Preliminary and written exam. Though i Passed the Preliminary exam of 35th BCS. But the Written exam experience was totally new for me as i prepared according to the previous years questions.

Moreover i faced real problem to find out any suggestion about my own subject Mechanical Engineering. I found nothing online and offline about my own subject for guidance. So it was really hard and all the syllabus has to be covered though the syllabus was huge.

As a result i am not very sure how will be my results of the written exam. I will share all the questions of preliminary and written exam for all the students or job seekers who will face written exam in future.

If anyone wish to add any question please send me the scanned copy to my email address as i will post all those subjects i faced (i.e english, bangla e.t.c are common but the other like CSE, EEE, Civil, e.tc) like Mechanical engineering, but i can’t have CIVIL or CSE questions. So if anyone wish to add those here in this site are welcome.



Abdullah Al Mamun

email: www.nafiz@yahoo.com

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