English Words with “N” to Enrich Your Vocabulary

Words starting with “N”

Rich English vocabulary helps you write interesting sentences. It improves the impact of the writing on the readers. To score good in IELTS, GRE in writing rich vocabulary is must. So learn and practice more to get good grasp on English language. Hope you will find this post really helpful.

(64 Words with Meaning in English)

  1. nadir  lowest point
  2. narcissism   self-love
  3. narrate  tell, recount
  4. nascent   incipient
  5. natal  related to birth
  6. nativity  the process of birth
  7. naturalize  grant citizenship
  8. ne’er-do-well   loafer, idler
  9. nebulous   indistinct
  10. necromancy   sorcery
  11. nefarious  evil
  12. negate  cancel
  13. negligible   insignificant
  14. nemesis  implacable foe
  15. neologism  newly coined expression
  16. neonatal   newborn
  17. neophyte  beginner
  18. nepotism   favoritism
  19. nervy brash
  20. nether under
  21. nettle   irritate
  22. neurotic  disturbed
  23. neutralize  offset, nullify
  24. nexus  a link between two or more people or things
  25. nicety  euphemism
  26. niche  nook, an activity that well suits a person’s talents
  27. niggardly   stingy
  28. nimble   spry
  29. nirvana  bliss, the attainment of spiritual enlightenment
  30. noctambulism sleepwalking
  31. nocturnal   pertaining to night
  32. nocturne  serenade
  33. noisome   harmful,  disgusting
  34. nomad  wanderer
  35. nomenclature   terminology
  36. nominal  slight, in name only
  37. nominate  propose, recommend somebody for a position
  38. nominee  candidate
  39. nonchalant   casual
  40. noncommittal   neutral, circumspect
  41. nondescript  lacking distinctive features
  42. nonentity  person of no significance
  43. nonesuch  paragon, one in a thousand
  44. nonpareil  unequaled, peerless
  45. nonpartisan  neutral, uncommitted
  46. nonplus  confound, befuddle
  47. notable  remarkable, noteworthy
  48. noted  famous
  49. notorious  wicked, widely known
  50. nouveau riche  newly rich
  51. nova  bright star
  52. novel  new, unique
  53. novice  beginner
  54. noxious   toxic
  55. nuance  shade, subtlety
  56. nub  crux, crucial point
  57. nubile   marriageable
  58. nugatory   useless, worthless
  59. nuisance   annoyance
  60. nullify   void
  61. nullity   nothingness
  62. numismatics   coin collecting
  63. nurture  nourish, foster
  64. nymph  goddess

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