35th BCS Preliminary Question

Hello everyone,

I know it’s very late to publish the 35th BCS preliminary question. But i think i have to post it because it’s the question which is according to the newest syllabus. So i is not as same as previous any other questions. Moreover the next 36th BCS is coming so to prepare for that its really important to know how was the 35th questions.

As i have already posted the written question’s on this blog so i think The preliminary question should be posted here for anyone who want’s to collect full set of question.

preli pg 1

preli pg 2

preli pg 3

preli pg 4

preli pg 5

preli pg 6

preli pg 7

preli pg 8


  1. Hello, may I know something important? My graduation will be completed in april 2017, so is it possible to apply for 37 th bcs preliminary? I can submit my temporary certificate in viva(only if I pass preliminary, written), right? Please let me know if anyone know precisely about this. Thanks in advance

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